Dr Oz: Black Rice, a Fatigue Fighter

Dr Oz: Black Rice, a Fatigue Fighter

November 28, 2016

Who is Dr. Oz?

a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality
appeared as a health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show for five seasons
host of The Dr. Oz Show, a daily television program focusing on medical issues and personal health
co-authored, with Michael F. Roizen, six New York Times best sellers
Time magazine ranked at 44th on its list of the "100 Most Influential People in 2008"

If you are tired of feeling tired all the time, Dr. Oz has a surprising new superfood to re-energize your life! He reveals how forbidden rice is the #1 fatigue fighter you have never heard of and explains why it needs to be on your next shopping list. Get ready to learn how this simple food can have a huge impact on your health! 

Dr Oz: Black Rice Health Benefits
Dr. Oz says his mother-in-law gets the credit for teaching him the health benefits of forbidden rice, also known as black rice, and today he is sharing its benefits with you. Would you believe that a food as simple as rice could be the key to getting your energy back? 

Provides you with iron and magnesium, which many of us are lacking in our diets.
Packed with protein to provide a slow energy release, which burns more calories by building up the things we need.
Black Rice is filled with antioxidants to help wipe out fatigue.
Low in carbs and calories
High in amino acids, potassium and zinc

Dr Oz: How to Add Black Rice to Your Diet
Now that you know the powerful health benefits of forbidden rice and the ways it can benefit your health, Dr. Oz has some easy ways to add just one serving to your diet every day in order to fight fatigue. 

Try a Black Rice Pudding for breakfast for a good start to your day.
Add cooked black rice to your favorite salad.
Enjoy black rice at dinner with a serving of salmon and a side of asparagus.

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